Currently based in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine (GMT+3)

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Clockworx Business Orchestration Solutions

Oct 2019 - Now 💻

To modernize and improve “look’n’feel” of the Business Orchestration, Obligation Management and Scheduling solutions. UI/UX design and development in progress.

Christopher Caruk, Founder and CEO at Clockworx Business Orchestration Solutions:

Viktor has been leading our efforts to revitalise the user interface for our Business Orchestration, Obligation Management and Scheduling solutions for almost a year. His keen sense of balance and consistency and his eye for detail as helped us make the system simpler, more intuitive and easier to use.

Viktor has also helped us reorganise and simplify our style sheets to improve load times and make it easier for us to customise the look and feel of our software to suit specific customer needs. I urge you to seriously consider Viktor for any project that might benefit by these skills.

Sara Malavolti, Digital Transformation Specialist at Clockworx Data Orchestration Solution:

I've worked with Viktor, him being the main UI/UX Designer and Developer within the software development projects I was managing/coordinating.

Viktor has always proved to be competent, self-driven and creative.

I would recommend working with him because he always delivered on time, he proved to be passionate about his job and a really good team-worker.